We are the Desrosiers, a family of three: Jean-Claude & Mireille and our only child, our daughter Miriam. We live in Huntington, Connecticut, USA. Both my husband and I are professionals that have held different positions in the 9 to 5 world. Jean-Claude, a Medical Professional, graduated Medicine from Mexico. I, a business manager, hold degrees in Business Management and Project Management. 






Since your interactions will be mainly with me, I will be sharing some more details about me. 

I have worked for several well-known companies, such as IBM, Hubbell, Sikorsky, etc. While my background in business in the area of Operations is strong, I have never worked directly in Marketing. Nevertheless, I understand the concept well enough to run an online marketing venture. Even as those that don’t have a business background are able to experience great online success, so can you too!

Well! Do you have plans to run an Online Marketing business, even in the future, this is a journey that many of us will be going on together? All I know is I am connected with a powerful group of people that are killing it every day. The support system is great, and the results are real.

I know if you’re serious about this new journey like I started just a few months ago (end of April 2021), and you faithfully work at it, giving your utmost best, you will be able to see results that others with the same mindset are seeing right now.

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If you get sent information on product reviews for purchases, mainly from my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpH2s62AeanI3xC_awi-AtA and follow the instructions from the video description, you will be able to access the many custom bonuses. Those bonuses are tailored based on the product being offered and should be accessed in a timely fashion as once the clock stops, unfortunately those bonuses WILL also expire for good.